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What do our clients have to say about the Peer Center?

It's a great place to come because the services at The Peer Center are services you can't get anywhere else. The staff are so understanding in a way I have not experienced before.

We come here to support one another, to connect with one another and to help one another. We work together to recover from the struggles we have so we can move forward in life- together. I am so grateful for my peers, and the staff of the Peers Center!

This is a place I love to hang out, because I never feel judged here. I can be honest and real with how I'm doing and get the support I really need.

It's a place to call home! One can walk in and just be oneself. Warmth and welcoming...a hot cup of coffee...great lunch- relaxing, accepting- great lunch- a hot shower- even a clothes closet for anyone. Feeling 'together' with others and not judged. Relax and read, share time with friends, just be at-home. Books, tapes, computers, art, whatever----it's all there.

It's nourishing, welcoming, and friendly. I am so grateful I get to come to The Cascade Peer and Self Help Center to just to remember that I am not alone in my struggles.

The Cascade Peer and Self Help Center gives me the community I feel like has helped me realize how important recovery is. Having friends who know that recovery is hard but do it anyway inspire me, and this center is the place where I get to connect with these friends that mean so much to me.

This place helped me get a job and supports me each time I come here. The staff really care about us, I love coming to the Center!

This is a place I come to for support where I know I will never be judged

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