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Supporting our Clients one Step at a Time

What do we do at the Peer Center? We provide a supportive and healing environment through thoughtful connection building and Intentional Peer Support strategies.

We support clients by providing the opportunity for 1:1 support time, as well as the opportunity to connect with any one of our Peer Support Specialist's. Client's also have the chance to get support through sharing their experiences and talking with other client's. This enables us to have a supportive community full of a variety of types of support.

We also support our client's by providing assistance with gaining access to local resources. We assist client's in connecting to local providers, such as doctors, licensed social workers, psychiatrists, counselors, and more. We help clients with resume building, attaining legal identification, signing up for housing or food stamps, and any other relevant concerns our client's are facing.

Some of the additional resources we provide are a hot lunch each day, free laundry services, free shower services, and sack lunches to go. These services are in place to support the day to day needs of our clients. Especially during COVID-19, we are grateful to be able to provide these services to our clients.

Each and every day, our mission is to meet the unique challenges our client's face - and dynamically strategize and problem solve to help our clients be successful.

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