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Unite Us!

Hello friends of The Cascade Peer and Self-Help Center!

We are excited to share that we are now utilizing Unite Us, a resource that helps connect our clients with local services geared towards helping their unique and individualized needs. This is a new seamless and streamlined process that has made it easier than ever before to help assist our clients. Unite Us has connected over 40 local organizations together to create a supportive network. Clients can come to The Cascade Peer and Self-Help Center and ask a Peer Support Specialist to help them get connected with resources through Unite Us. Unite Us has assisted The Cascade Peer and Self-Help Center connect our clients with clothing items, housing vouchers, get connected with health professionals to problem solve chronic medical conditions, and so much more. Come see us Monday through Friday from 9-1:30pm at either of our locations to get connected with Unite Us!

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