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Where do your donations go?

When you donate to The Cascade Peer and Self Help Center, YOU are making a difference in the lives of our clients - and for that, we thank you.

Donating to the Peer Center enables us to support our clients in a variety of unique ways.

Some of the ways donations have assisted us in the past have been:

-What does $20 do? With a $20 donation, we were able to help pay for required transportation for a client to get into a sober living house

-What does $5-$20 do? With $5-$20 donations, we were able to provide essential items, such as razors and toothpaste in order to support clients day to day basic needs

-Donations both small and large provided us with the opportunity to spend more time assisting clients with Deschutes County intakes, appointments, and coordinated care with other local organizations

-Donations both small and large went to food items in order for staff to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal, as well as lunches to-go for clients who are unable to come into the center during COVID

-Donations both small and large provided staff with the chance to spend more time helping clients problem solve through tasks such as attaining a new ID, new insurance, housing applications, and more

We thank YOU for providing strength, hope, and opportunity to our clients :D

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