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Wise Mind

What is our Wise Mind?

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, and it can become challenging to think clearly. At other times, we are able to manage our emotions well and think without our feelings taking over. When we tune in to our Wise Mind, we are able to reflect on our emotions and take them into account - while making logical, sound decisions with our rational part of our brain. Take a look at the diagram included that explains more about your wise mind.

How do we get into our Wise Mind?

If we are activated emotionally, we are living in our emotional mind. When we are fully in our rational mind, we are not in touch with our emotions. The way to get to the balance between the rational and emotional mind is by increasing our mindfulness and awareness. When we do this, we are able to be both logical and also considerate of our emotions. Both the logical and emotional mind are important for decision making, which is why we want to be in our wise mind. To become mindful and aware so that you can operate out of your wise mind, try any of these strategies:

-Deep breathing

-Go for a slow walk in nature

-Eat a snack and notice the flavors and textures of what you are eating

-Practice using all 5 of your senses

-Hold something comforting and describe out loud what the object looks like

-Count a certain number of items in a room

-Play an "I Spy" game to notice certain colors and shapes in a room

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