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Job Role: Peer Support Specialist

Summary: The Peer Support Specialist is responsible for dynamically working with other staff and volunteers to create a safe and recovery positive environment. The Peer Support Specialist will do this by assisting clients with services The Cascade Peer and Self-Help Center provides, including serving lunch, providing snacks or breakfast items to clients, cleaning the facility, and being a supportive peer to clients. Staff also assist clients in connecting with important resources related to health and recovery, such as: making appointments with Deschutes Behavioral Health, filling out job applications, completing Social Security Income applications, and more.

Peer Support Specialists are not counselors; however, we are here to support clients through triggers or at times hard emotions. We follow the Intentional Peer Support module, based on the principle of using intention-based communication and support skills that reflect the unique needs and perspectives of each client’s situation. The Peer Support Specialist will prioritize the safety and wellbeing of clients at all times, by communicating effectively will other staff members as well as clients regarding expectations at The Cascade Peer and Self-Help Center.

Duties: Assist clients with services we provide, including showers, serving lunch and snacks, and laundry services. Staff are also responsible for helping clients access resources by assisting them in making phone calls, filling out applications, or using the on-site laptop to find more information related to recovery and well-being services. Staff will ensure the facility is clean by following sanitizing procedures, which have heightened protocols at this current time due to COVID-19. Additionally, staff are expected to be compassionate and empathetic Peer Support Specialist. A Peer Support Specialist supports clients by displaying empathy, concern, and understanding. This type of support is referred to as Intentional Peer Support, because staff use specific intentional modes of communication, as well as thoughtful strategies for coping to assist clients in a way that supports their specific situation best. Peer Support Specialist’s do not try to fix another person’s situation, but they do encourage clients to use coping skills and talk through what’s going on. Peer Support Specialist’s also help clients get connected with their providers when extra help and support becomes necessary. Current staff will assist new employees in further understanding the expectations and guidelines to be a Peer Support Specialist.

Wages: $15/hr. Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am-2pm. Your compensation is subject to reduction to reflect all applicable withholding and payroll taxes.

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