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What do we do at The Peer Center?


We connect our clients with local resources that are specific to their needs. For some clients, this includes medical appointments, therapeutic appointments, and other resourcing related to physical and emotional health. In other instances, we help clients with tasks associated with daily living - such as helping clients attain a drivers license, fill out job applications, create a bank account, and more.

Emotional Support

Our staff is trained to respond with empathy, compassion and support to our client's challenges. Staff are trained to support clients in a 1:1 setting, as well as in a group setting in order to provide support in whatever way feels most comfortable for the client. Client's also are able to get emotional support from one another at the Peer center.

Intentional Peer Support

We provide intentional peer support to all of our clients. This is our method of support that our center is based upon. All of our staff are fellow individuals who have struggled with mental health and addiction in some way, and are now in a strong place in their recovery. This peer support system helps us support clients in a unique way: as people who have struggled ourselves, we are able to provide the insight, compassion and support only someone who has walked through their own struggles can.

Assistance with Daily Living Tasks

In addition to emotional support, we also provide a hot lunch each day, as well as free laundry and shower services. Clients also have access to laptops on site to complete job applications, housing forms, and whatever else they need. We have several phones clients can use to complete Telehealth appointments on, amongst other important calls. We also have several laptops clients can use to get connected with employers, email practitioners, and more.

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